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Tax books

No need for specialized software : keeping a trading book requires the use of appropriate software. All you have to do is entrust our specialists with keeping the Trade Book to save time and money on training and software maintenance.

No need to deal with accounting : tax settlements or preparation of financial statements do not have to keep you awake at night. We will do it for you!

Saving money : hiring an employee to keep the trading book involves expenses for salaries, insurance premiums, etc. Additionally, software and training also cost money. 


Revenue and expense ledgers

Reducing the risk : professional accounting services will allow you to breathe and not worry about complicated settlements in the company.

Reducing the workload : Keeping the revenue and expense ledger by an external company avoids excessive workload of internal employees.

Facilitating settlements with authorities : At IFB we know how to properly settle a company with authorities and avoid penalties and unnecessary costs.


HR and payroll services

Time saving : you no longer have to spend a lot of time keeping employee records and calculating salaries.

Reliability and accuracy : IFB Poland ‘s professional HR and payroll serviceguarantees reliable and accurate keeping of employee records and calculation of salaries, which minimizes the risk of errors and misunderstandings.

Compliance with regulations : up-to-date knowledge of applicable labor laws allows you to avoid the risk of financial penalties for incorrect record keeping or incorrect payroll settlement.

No need for specialist knowledge : you do not need to have specialist knowledge in the field of labor law or payroll settlements, which allows you to save time and money for training or consultations.


Virtual office

Cost Savings : A virtual office is a much cheaper option than renting a stationary office. 

Flexibility : secretarial service or conference room, depending on the needs of the company.

No need to hire employees : using a virtual office, you do not need to hire employees for secretarial services or receiving correspondence.

Mobility : run your business freely from anywhere, without having to be confined to one premises.

Reliable and trustworthy

We have been serving our clients with due diligence for many years. Our trained staff ensures that all documentation and office management are at the highest level

Attention to detail

We ensure data security for our clients and protect them against unauthorized access..


Updating the knowledge of our staff and looking for outstanding solutions is a guarantee of our and your success.


You don't have to be afraid to ask complicated questions or ask for clarification on accounting issues. We made sure that you feel comfortable with us.


We have the knowledge and experience that allow us to perform the entrusted duties in a professional manner without any problems.

Wide range of services

In our offer you will find comprehensive solutions to facilitate bookkeeping for your company. Trust the experience and work with the best!


Why choose us?

The IFB accounting office is a flexible and fast-growing company. We provide a full range of HR and payroll accounting services for all business entities. The office is run by qualified specialists in the field of accounting, tax and financial consulting with many years of practical experience. The comprehensive service for your company offered by our accounting office covers the entire scope of work. Each customer gets access to their customer panel where they can view their taxes. He can issue his sales documents as well as upload cost documents (he does not have to personally deliver documents to the office – and he always has access to his invoices). The panel also gives you the opportunity to view the current leaves of employees, the expiry date of medical or health and safety examinations. *

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