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Tax books

Thanks to our help, you will have full control over your finances, and you will also make it easier to keep tax records. Our team consists of experienced specialists who will make sure that keeping commercial books runs smoothly and without any problems.

Keeping commercial books in IFB

is a guarantee of the implementation of the entrusted tasks in accordance with the required standards. Meticulous analysis and experience in keeping commercial books allow us to serve entrepreneurs regardless of the company's business profile.

Saving money

Hiring an employee to keep the trading book involves the need to incur expenses for salaries, insurance premiums, etc. In addition, software and training also cost money.


Outsourcing allows you to adjust the scope of the service to the individual needs of the company. We will advise you at every stage of cooperation with solutions suitable for your business.

Time saving

By outsourcing the bookkeeping to an external company, you do not have to waste time registering and checking the flow of money in your company. We will take care of everything!

No software required

Keeping a trading book requires the use of appropriate software. All you have to do is entrust our specialists with keeping the Trade Book to save time and money on training and software maintenance.

No need to deal with accounting

Tax filings or preparation of financial statements no longer have to keep you awake at night. We will do it for you!

Improving the quality of keeping commercial books

Ensure a better quality of bookkeeping thanks to qualified IFB specialists.


Run your own business freely

and our team will make sure that the accounting in your company is at the highest level. Don’t worry about complicated procedures and billing.

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and we will help you choose the best solution for your business!