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Virtual office

We provide entrepreneurs with addresses for company registration and other services related to having a traditional office, such as mail service and accounting, without the need to physically stay in this place. A virtual office can be used by both small companies and self-employed people.

Why choose a virtual office at IFB?

First of all, it is savings for your business. You can use it freely from anywhere in the world. Don't limit yourself to one place.

Saving money

No costs related to renting an office space, administrative services and office maintenance (e.g. costs of heating, electricity, etc.).

You can work alone

We provide mail and secretarial service, which avoids the need to hire additional employees for these tasks.

Service scaling

Flexible adaptation of the service to the needs of the company without incurring additional costs - regardless of the increase or decrease in turnover.

No long-term contracts

We offer the option of ordering the service for a specific period, which avoids the need to sign long-term contracts.

Improvement of the company's image

A virtual office provides an address for company registration in a prestigious location, which can improve its image and attract new customers.

Time saving

You do not have to commute to the office every day, which saves you time in traffic jams and getting ready for work, as well as the costs associated with commuting.


Work from anywhere in the world

Stop worrying about commuting, sit comfortably in your chair and enjoy the virtual office from IFB. Now you can focus on development tasks in your company and customer service.

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