IFB Księgowość

The success of your accounting

Working in the accounting industry requires knowledge, accuracy and responsibility from us. Every day we face the challenge of providing financial services to our clients and helping them to properly settle their business. But it is this responsibility that makes our work so important and rewarding.


Dagmara Kwapisz

Over the years, I gained experience working in various offices in Łódź. I created the IFB accounting office for clients for whom constant contact with the accountant was a priority. Work is a passion for me, not a duty.


We help entrepreneurs in accounting services

Every day we can be sure that our work matters and contributes to the success of our clients. Our knowledge and experience allows them to focus on the development of their business, and we provide them with efficient and effective settlement of their finances.

We are constantly developing and training to be even better at what we do. Our work is our passion and gives us great satisfaction with each completed order. We are proud to help our clients achieve their goals and successes.

Take advantage of comprehensive accounting

and develop your business with us without the stress of paperwork.